At Bubbles Scuba Shack we are proud to follow the high standards set by ACUC International and the WRSTC.

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ACUC International

WRSTC World Recreational Scuba Training Council

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 Open Water Diver class Still on going   Call, text  or email for details

 For $399.99 plus tax you can learn to scuba dive. This includes your manual, pool time at "Laurentian University Pool", the deepest pool in Sudbury, and tanks, regs, BCD and wetsuit. All you need is your mask, snorkel, fins, wet boots and your sense of adventure. Get ready to have fun!

As a very proud Open Water Instructor, all divers have the right to know if their instructor or training staff is in good standing with their agencies.

My Instructor information is as follows :

ACUC : 1696EA      Active Status                                     

Scuba Schools International (SSI) AOWI 54877  Status: NO ACTIVE SSI DIVE CENTER non teaching status


Be sure to ask  an instructor to  see their credentials. Also ask for proof of insurance, their date of birth and their full name so the instructor can be verified with an agency. If they don`t give you an instructor number and if they refuse to disclose  this information, it may be wise to think twice about taking a course with this "Dive Professional".

Refusal to disclose this information is a standards and ethics violation and should be reported.

Questions to ask : "Are you going to be in the water with me?" , "How long you have been teaching?"   "Do you use dive flags?"   "Where will the training for confine water take place and which lake will be used during my training?"

ACUC call 519 583 9798 or e-mail  You will need the instructor name or instructor number 1696EA or IT1048EA

NAUI click here list of revoked instructors click here to verify member

        put number is search box 18858 or 25093

PADI click here put number 212039 or 57429 in the search box

SSI   click here put a check mark in the box the number 54877